Meet Hobie

In all of my twenty one years I have never owned a kitten – until now. Internet meet Hobie. Hobie meet the Internet. Hobie (as in Hobie Cat…the boat… you get it) is a rescue kitten that was being fostered, along with her two sisters, by a lovely family. They were rescued by a brilliant lady in Cape Town who runs a Cat Sterilization network where she encourages people to neuter/spay their cats and rescues cats who need a home. I was so happy to support what she does and give a little kitten a home.

I would have loved to adopt all three of the rescues but my boyfriend and I are really only in a position to take on one right now. It was so hard to pick though! I have even asked the family fostering them to let me know when the other two find homes – I just want to know that they’re ok. We picked Hobie because she seemed the most content to play by herself and go into a single cat household. So far, she has seemed to adjust really well. She is super cuddly, purrs all the time and is very playful. Occasionally we will hear her crashing around the house but she soon calms down with a cuddle and a toy to chew on.

As is only right when you adopt a little furry friend, I have been taking loads of photos. My phone is now permanently by my side for when she is being particularly cute (which is kind of always). So as I don’t inundate my Instagram with too many kitty pictures, I thought I’d share some here. I’m sure you won’t mind 😉






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