On the Back of a Bike

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Famous words and a great sentiment but not always so easy to accomplish. I would classify myself as generally being a bit timid but, honestly, I have done a lot of things this year that scared me. I moved back to Cape Town after a year in London. I transferred universities. I moved in with my boyfriend. And, on a slightly more minor note, I managed to get myself on the back of a motorbike for the first time and actually enjoy it. This is about as daredevil as I get, to be honest, so it felt pretty cool. I got on, went for a ride, had fun and then did it again. And again. And a few weeks ago I spent three days on the back of that bike with my favourite person and had three of my favourite days of 2016.

We went to the Cedarberg – a mountain range in South Africa. We drove through small towns and along dirt roads. We swam in rivers in the early morning heat. We camped under an amazing sky full of stars one night and laughed at how bad the TV was in a hotel the next. It was pretty perfect. Proof of how much my life has changed this year, the capacity for good things to happen and of how doing things that scare you can be so worth it.

Now that I’ve been a bit soppy, here are a few of my favourite pictures from the trip. The Cedarberg is awesomely beautiful. Plus, there were dogs at our campsite which makes everything instantly better 🙂





Plus, blurry dog pictures because dogs are the best





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