Books to Shout About

This blog post was supposed to be my “December Reads” but when I started writing it I realized that it just wasn’t going to work. I read a lot and I don’t seem to be able to condense my thoughts on what I have read into a few short, snappy sentences. I like to vent and waffle. Writing about what I read in December would take several very long winded blog posts so I have come up with a better solution – a youtube video. At some point in the near future I am going to start making “booktube” videos about what I have been reading and loving. That way I can have a proper chat and get the books off my chest (you know that feeling when you just have to talk about a book?). In the meantime, though, I figured that I would write a short blog post about a couple of books that I want to thrust into everyone’s hands at the moment. Maybe this will provide some reading inspiration for the new year (how the hell is it almost 2017 already?!?!)

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

I know that I said in a previous post that I was going to save this book to read over New Year’s but I just couldn’t wait. I had a week where I was lacking a little motivation and needed a bit of inspiration to get going again. This book was the perfect solution.

Essentially, this is a longer version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk on creativity. In the book she talks about her creative process, her thoughts on not taking creativity too seriously and why she thinks that EVERYONE should pursue their creative interests. If you have any creative inclination – literally, any at all – you need to read this book. It made me feel so inspired to go write and create and do.

Ok, it can be a bit… hippy. If the spiritual type concept of ideas being living entities doesn’t grab you, read this book anyway. For every hippy, spiritual-esque idea there is a way of utilizing it practically. Ie. you know that feeling of losing a great idea that you had because you didn’t act on it? Maybe the idea isn’t actually a living thing drifting from person to person trying to be born – but it is a good lesson about acting on our ideas before the craziness of everyday life gets in the way and we lose our inspiration.

One by Sarah Crossan 

This book is hands down when of my favourite books of the year and, quite possibly, one of my favourite books ever. I was highly unprepared for how much I was going to love this book and how beautiful it would be.

The story centers on conjoined twins, Tippi and Grace, who have been home schooled their whole lives. However, tight finances make it necessary for both of their parents to go back to work and for the twins to go to school. The books deals with their challenges in a new school, their family life and the health issues that they have to deal with.

What makes this book especially beautiful is the fact that it is written in free verse. It flows so well and reads like poetry. The writing style just heightens every feeling and emotion.

I found this book so interesting and moving. It will tug on your heart in the best way and leave you feeling better for having read it.


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