A Few Favourites

As I am working on finding a bit more balance in my life and generally trying to make myself a more pleasant person to be around by taking care of myself occasionally, I thought that I would try developing a few new healthy habits. Some are working. Some are sort of working and I’m pressing on to see if they improve. Here they are.

  1. Podcasts
    I am really loving podcasts at the moment. My favourite is definitely Emma Gannon’s podcast called Ctrl, Alt Dlt – check it out ASAP, it is full of some serious inspiration and real life talk – but I am also enjoying Ingrid Nilson’s podcast Ladies Who Lunch (honesty deluxe – always good). As I am new to the whole podcast scene, that’s about as far as I’ve got but I’ll report back when I’ve found a few more.
    There is just something so relaxing about a podcast. It doesn’t demand all my attention, like Netflix does, so I can listen in the bath or when I’m making dinner without worrying that I’m missing something if my eyes aren’t glued to the screen. Plus, I love that I can listen to an interesting discussion instead of just zoning out to whatever mindless nonsense is on TV. It fits in with my theme of general attempts at self-betterment.
    Trust me, a good podcast + a hot bath = pretty much perfection.
  2. Adult Colouring Books
    I bought one of these in January, got hooked for a month and then completely gave it up until now. I love the idea of adult colouring books. You chill out, get to do something creative (which is great for me because I can’t draw to save my life) and play a little bit. The problem is that I have to be really careful not to let is stress me out by getting overly obsessive. I can get a bit intense and feel like I have to finish the page I’m on or get stressed about what colours to choose. Basically, the control freak in me comes out. I am working on letting go and just enjoying the experience. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m thinking that this will be one of those phases that comes and goes.
  3. Gym Classes 
    I finally signed up to the gym and – I know this going to sound annoying – I am really enjoying it. I hate sit ups and squats and running on the treadmill for hours but I have seriously fallen for the classes that are on offer. I can try something different every week to keep things interesting and I don’t have to wander around the gym wondering what I should do – the instructor is there for that. These classes are essentially the only thing that’s getting me to exercise regularly at the moment so I am seriously singing their praises. They make me feel like I’ve accomplished something after each one and they are a lot more fun than doing push ups. Plus, being in a group means that you feel like you’re all in it together, even if I have to ignore the freakishly fit/flexible girls.
  4. Switching Up My Social Media Feeds
    I realized recently that there were a few people on my Instagram and Twitter who had sort of become irrelevant to my life and to what I am currently interested in. A bit of a cull ensued. More like a rejig, actually. I have unfollowed a few people – not because their feeds were necessarily bad or negative but because I wasn’t finding them personally inspiring anymore – and I have found some new accounts to follow. Social media is meant to be having a positive impact on me so I figured that I should make sure that it is motivating me and making me smile.
  5. Buying Books  
    Few things make me as happy as good books and I am on a bit of a book buying tangent at the moment. There are just so many things that I want to read right now. I tried to curb my enthusiasm for a while but I have decided that it might be better to just give in. A future lull in the book department is inevitably coming (it always does) so I may as well enjoy getting my hands on some great reads while it lasts – even if it does make my bank account a little lighter. Or a lot lighter. Seriously, when the hell did books get so expensive?!?!

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